Makayla Hidalgo
B19, A20 - Oakville, ON

As the only Canadian in my cast, not only was I proud to share my own culture with the rest of the world but I also gained a deeper perspective of the diversity among different countries.

Avery Phillips
B17, B18 - Saskatoon, SK

Up with People really made me look at myself in the world and what I could do and be in it. The first-hand experiences allowed me to engage in deeper discussion about issues that may otherwise have remained superficial to me.

Kim Taylor
Travelled B15 through B17 - Ottawa, ON

From my time in UWP, I learned how important it is to first ask what the community needs in order to understand where I can have the biggest impact.

Kiana Gouveia
A16 - Kingston, ON

My time in Up with People developed deep, international friendships for me, impacting my global perspective. I grew to appreciate the uniquely special qualities of Canada, while critically examining how we could do better on a variety of issues. This intense experience developed my resiliency and shaped me to become a better leader in everything I do.

Mackenzie Wesley-James
A20 - Brockville, ON

I have made friends from Nepal to Liechtenstein. Stories I hear on the news are not just in a far away place, but are affecting people I know. This program has opened my eyes to all sorts of cultures and how alike we truly are while still being unique in ourselves.

Calvin Sjöberg-Wood
B17, A18 - Kelowna, BC

Up with People presented me with a newfound appreciation and understanding of multicultural families that live in my city. Learning to interact with people from all over the world has made it both easier and more enjoyable to talk to people of different cultural backgrounds.

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